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Roughmoor Stables Jayne Smart is a well established coach, having started her career with the world renowned Olympic coach, the late Kenneth Clawson.

She holds the BHSI certificate and is a British Showjumping (UKCC Level 3) coach. She is also Head of British Showjumping Academy for Area 48 (Bristol and North Somerset)

Jayne was Chief Instructor for Banwell Pony Club for 10 years where she enjoyed working with all the children. She is becoming involved with pony clubs again now as well as regularly teaching local riding clubs.

"I enjoy teaching horses and riders of all ages and stages from pony club through to professional riders. British Novice to Grade A, Intro to Advanced, each brings with them different challenges and that is what I thrive upon. Having actually competed at all levels myself, I can speak from genuine experience of the highs and lows, good and bad. It is the journey that is the challenge."

Jayne works mainly from home but holds regular coaching days at local centres such as the Hand Equestrian Centre at Clevedon, Badgeworth Arena near Mark and Leyland Court at Winterbourne. Here she can use full courses of fences to make things a little more 'real life'. She also holds cross country schooling days by arrangement.

TOM SEARLE BHSI producer and dealer in many young competition horses
"I have been training with Jayne for over two years now and I really rate her as a trainer. She always has great advice and exercises to improve your rounds and your horse's technique, and is always genuinely interested to see and hear how the horses go throughout the season. I have taken horses of all shapes and sizes and Jayne adapts her lessons and exercises to suit them all. Jayne is very committed to improve both you and the horse. She is very positive even when at times I haven't been, and dare I say it she always seems to be right! I would recommend Jayne to anybody at whatever level as she will really help you to improve your riding and your way of thinking."

"There is no doubt that without Jayne I would never have got my BHSAI qualification. Jayne's teaching is totally inspiring and takes any lesson she does to another level. I have had many lessons with lots of different instructors and different training centres over the years, and Jayne is still the only one that still ticks all the boxes for me. When I first came to her I was totally demoralised as I couldn't get my Stage 3 riding exam. Jayne picked up the pieces and helped me build my confidence and self belief so that I could actually do it. Since passing my Stage 3 I am now aiming for my Stage 4, and that again I will train for with Jayne. I am also competing British Showjumping and British Dressage which a few years ago I would never have had the confidence or self belief to do; it's all down to Jayne and her inspirational teaching. Jayne is a very highly respected instructor and I feel lucky to have her as my inspiration and rock as I work my way through the exams and continue my competing."

Roughmoor Stables

ALEX WHEWALL Advanced event rider
"I started out unsure of myself in the showjumping phase. I would often doubt myself coming into a fence, making silly mistakes and having rails down. With Jayne's help this has virtually disappeared; I have become more confident, consistent and I now know to get the right impulsion and rhythm into a fence. Jayne has helped me a huge amount with a quirky horse I ride, he used to be very difficult to adjust and navigate around the showjumping arena but is now jumping clear rounds! I always enjoy my training sessions with Jayne and I learn an awful lot at the same time. Without her help my horses and I would not be jumping anywhere near as well as we are now!"

"I've known Jayne for nearly 30 years. If I have a horse that needs schooling and competing my thoughts always first turn to Jayne. Because I live a bit of a hike from her yard, I have in the past tried the services of others closer to home but I'm happiest when my horses are in Jayne's care. Why? Primarily because I know through long experience I can utterly trust her. Jayne is extremely quick to spot anything not quite right with a horse's health or way of going and always keeps me informed. That way problems can be nipped in the bud. Also because of the trust that she rightly commands, in the rare event of a significant problem coming up I'm certain it's through no fault of hers. Jayne can really 'read' a horse and works horses in her care thoughtfully, with compassion and authority. Whilst Jayne's roots lie in old-school horsemanship, she is nevertheless extremely open-minded and ready to try new ideas if she can see some sense in them. I think she'd be the first to acknowledge you never stop learning from horses (and people!). Apart from all the above, Jayne's a pleasure to spend time with. Positive. Witty. Warm and welcoming. The special qualities that she has, seem to rub off on her staff. Her yard is friendly and well run. What more can I ask for?"